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Meet our Cadet Bloggers

Sara Merzon  

Meet 1/C Sara Merzon from Rockland, Massachusetts, the Official Blogger aboard the TS Kennedy!

Ahoy, followers! Thank you for choosing to join me on this adventure that we here at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy like to call Sea Term! I am thrilled to be the Official Cadet Blogger for the second year in a row!  Once again, I will be posting photos, videos, interviews, and blogs each day. I’ll be rolling up my sleeves and helping out with messy maintenance chores.  I plan to attend classes and learn right along with the cadets. I can’t wait to share the goals that I’ve set for myself.  I’ll also be filling you in on cadet life and taking you along as I visit our four exciting ports of call. Joining me will be our two loveable mascots; Big Buc and Little Buc.  They always keep things very interesting. 


Meet 3/C Heather Gaughgan from Scituate, Massachusetts, the Assistant Blogger aboard the TS Kennedy!

Welcome aboard, followers!  I am thrilled to be the Assistant Cadet Blogger aboard Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s 540-foot training ship!  Last year, I was captivated by Sara Merzon’s daily blogs during Sea Term 2018, now I will be joining her and writing posts of my own. 
During the Academy’s two-week Cadet Orientation in August 2018, I had the opportunity to be one of two bloggers who kept family members and friends updated on the daily activities of the cadets.  I discovered that I love telling stories and taking photographs.  Through interviews, articles, and my own personal experiences, I hope that you will feel like you are aboard the TS Kennedy yourself. 


Sarah Smialek  

Meet 4/C Sarah Smialek from Hyannis Massachusetts! 
Sarah is part of the blogging team aboard the TS Kennedy!  We thought you’d like to know what it’s like to be a cadet learning her way around the engine room as she experiences her first Sea Term. 

Hello, followers!  My name is Sarah Smialkek! While 1/C Sara Merzon and 3/C Heather Gaughan, will be reporting on what is happening throughout the entire ship, I will be sharing my personal experiences.  That's right, you'll find out what it is like to be a 4/C female Marine Engineering major on her first Sea Term. But first, I want you to know a little about me.

This is going to be my first time out of the country without my family, which I’m extremely excited about. I love to travel and go on adventures, so I’m definitely looking forward to going on excursions on the different islands. I’ve heard a lot about Cranes Beach in Barbados from other cadets that have gone there, so that will be a point of interests when I get to the island. I will also be celebrating my birthday on Sea Term which will be a little weird. I normally relax at home with my family and my mom makes my favorite meal, but this year I’ll be away and with my friends instead. I love to learn, so I am excited to be able to dive deeper into how the engine room works. I’ve spent plenty of hours in the engine room between maintenance and watch, but when the ship is in motion it will be a completely different experience. I am excited to keep everyone up to date on my Sea Term!


Meet 3/C Connor, Murphy from Mashpee, Massachusetts, the International Maritime Business Blogger on the TS Kennedy!

Spread the word!  There are eight 3/C cadets aboard the TS Kennedy majoring in International Maritime Business!  That’s right!  We’ll not only be attending classes aboard the ship, we’ll be taking educational field trips while in port. I am looking forward to introducing our major to you and sharing our Sea Term experiences.