Due On Or Before 2/2: Where In The World Is JFK?

Here is an ongoing project that can be completed outside of the classroom!  Grab your cameras or phones and let's go!

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Across the country and around the world, there are many landmarks named for President John F. Kennedy. We know one of them quite well! During Sea Term 2018, six-hundred Massachusetts Maritime Academy cadets will cruise aboard the TS Kennedy. In 2009, the ship was renamed Kennedy to honor the rich maritime legacy of President John F. Kennedy and members of the Kennedy family. The TS Kennedy's homeport is Taylor's Point in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts - part of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy campus. 

The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation has started a project called "Where in the World is John F Kennedy?". They hope to locate and photograph every Kennedy landmark around the globe. They're looking for schools, parks, hospitals, streets, statues, and monuments. Quite a big undertaking, isn't it? That's why, they need the help of Follow the Voyage - Share the Experience participants. 

Get ready for the Where in the World is John F. Kennedy? Challenge!

  1. Hunt for places named after John F. Kennedy or the Kennedy family in your city or town. Take two photographs of the landmark - one with you in it, and one of the sign or landmark on its own. Please do not send any photographs that you find on line. The imag-es must belong to you or a member of your family.
  2. If you are a student at one of our five participating John F. Kennedy schools, please take one class photo in front of your school sign and one class photo in front of the school. You are welcome to get all of the students and teachers at your school in the photo. Also send along two photos without people in them.
  3. Email your photographs to ftv@maritime.edu on or before Friday, February 2nd. Your email should include the name of the landmark and the city/town where it is located. Please send your photographs as JPEG attachments so that they may be easily downloaded. Do not paste them into the body of your email.
  4. You are welcome to include a paragraph that describes the landmark and what it means to you. This is not required, but will be very much appreciated. We may include your paragraph when we display your photographs. Please send your paragraph as an attachment to the email.
  5. Do you have a grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or friends that lives near a Kennedy landmark? You are invited to share this challenge with them. They are welcome to send in their photographs. Be sure to tell them about Follow The Voyage - Share The Experience too!
  6. We will display all of the photographs that we receive on the web site. Stay tuned!

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We look forward to your help!












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