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Meet Our Cadet Bloggers

Andie Painten  

Meet Andie Painten from Walpole, Massachusetts!

Grab your snorkel and sunscreen and join us on our trip to Bermuda! My name is Andie Painten and I am the Environmental Operations Officer for Marine Science, Safety and Environmental Protection. I am one of the four seniors along with two professors leading this year’s trip to tropical Bermuda. Attached is a photo of me from a hike in South Africa where I completed one of my internships at a marine research lab. I’m predicting there will be less sharks in Bermuda than there were in South Africa...or at least I hope so


We will explore the island daily, from surveying coral reefs with schools of vibrant fish to hiking the trails of the island with its lush native plants. Our goal from this trip is to compile an ecology guide of the island- essentially learn all about the flora and fauna of the island and its importance! What do you predict we will find?






Mona Boumghait  

Meet Mona Boumghait from Hyannis, Masssachusetts!

Hola y bienvenidos a Costa Rica! (Hello and welcome to Costa Rica — for those like myself who never took a formal Spanish class).  My name is Mona Boumghait and I am a freshmen majoring in Energy Systems Engineering and minoring in Marine Science, Safety, and Environmental Protection.  If you like geothermal plants, rockets, mud baths, zip lining, white water rafting, horseback riding, snorkeling, rice and beans, Super Bowl parties, and constant adventure and learning, then this is the blog for you!  I am so excited to have been fortunate enough to go on this trip and I can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you!  

This picture of me was taken in Morocco in the Cave of Hercules.  While this trip was not school related, it clearly depicts my love for animals and nature.  I hope to one day use my major to make alternative energy sources more available and less costly so that we won’t need to use fossil fuels anymore.  This effort will help protect animals like this bird from the harmful effects of climate change.  Can you guess what type of bird it is? 




Joseph Tragert  

Meet Joseph Tragert from Ipswich, Massachusetts!

Hello future sojourners! I welcome you all to join me as I explore the southern tip of Africa, in a country called South Africa. Over the next five weeks, I will be writing, snapping, and filming my journey through the Natal Province.  My classmates and I will be landing in the port city of Durban, on the indian Ocean coast, and then going to the shipping hub of Richards Bay. In addition to these two shipping centers, our group will explore the interior of the country, enjoy the local scene, and yes, go on safari. I hope by sharing our experiences that many of you will become inspired to not only to learn about and even visit South Africa, but also learn more about the world at large, so that one day you can tell other students about your travels and experiences, just like I am doing now!





Ian Costello  

Meet Ian Costello from Medway, Massachusetts!

Pack your suitcase and hop on the plane, because we’re travelling across the world to the world’s most important maritime hub; Singapore! My name is 1/C Ian Costello, and I am a senior cadet at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. I am the sitting International Maritime Business (IMB) Operations Officer, and I will be the student faculty member accompanying the sophomore cadets on their journey across the globe. During this trip, students will experience the advanced operations behind the many businesses in Singapore and will be able to practically apply their classroom education to the real world.

We will be visiting many companies, while also enjoying the tropical weather of course! This is going tobe a wonderful journey for each of the cadets accompanying me.  I hope you find our daily updates to be both engaging, and inspiring.





Meet 2/C Quincy Smith from Hingham, Massachusetts!

My name is Quincy Smith and I am one of the sophomore International Maritime Business students traveling to Singapore this winter! Due to Singapore being one degree north of the equator it is a tropical island! However years of hard work has turned into one of the busiest port cities in the world. This photo of me was taken at recognition, when I was a freshman, my whole family turned up for the occasion! In Singapore we will be touring some of the most impactful business that you do not realize are even there. Opportunity awaits!


Meet Emily Noye from East Freetown, Massachusetts!

Grab a hammer and your work gloves!  Don’t forget a hard hat and your steel toe boots!  We’re heading to Central Florida to work with Habitat For Humanity. As we assist with the building of homes, you’ll see us applying the mathematics skills that you are learning in your classroom.  Our trip won’t be all work.  We also have some exciting excursions planned, including visits to Walt Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center.  Join us as we make a difference in the lives of deserving families.